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Video portait of John Grant

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John Grant - Where Dreams Go To Die (Strongroom Sessions)

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John Grant - Queen Of Denmark (Strongroom Sessions)

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John Grant - Sigouney Weaver (Strongroom Sessions)

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John Grant - Chicken Bones (Official Video)

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John Grant - I Wanna Go To Marz (Official Video)

John Grant (US)


The first artist to be announced as part of the G! 2012 line-up is American John Grant.


According to Mojo Magazing, Grant’s was the best album of 2010, according to Q Magazine the 6th best, according to Uncut the 7th best and according to Esquire, “Queen of Denmark”, was among the 4 best albums that year. The reviewer for the BBC said, ”one of the most deeply satisfying debut albums of recent times”.


This summer John Grant will perform at the G! Festival.


Jón Tyril, festival director, heard John Grant for the first time in Iceland, October last year. He says, “John Grant blew me away from the first note he played. His voice alone was enough to sweep me off my feet. It was like hearing Frank Sinatra, such control and presence was in his voice. I then noticed the lyrics - the biting and bitter humour, the underlying anger and melancholy of the deeply autobiographical songs. All this performed with beautiful melodies and probably the most pleasant tenor voice I’ve ever heard.”


In the next couple of days, the G! Festival will announce some of the artists that will perform in Göta this summer.

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